A Note About Plugin Updates
[May 25, 2007]
Code: Updates and announcements regarding my Movable Type plugins will now be posted to the plugins blog instead of here. If you're subscribed to this RSS feed for plugin updates, please use this one from now on.

RightFields 1.13
[December 6, 2006]
Code: Released RightFields 1.13, which fixes a bug with extra File fields and some small interface bugs.

TinyTuring 1.02
[October 29, 2006]
Code: Released TinyTuring 1.02, which fixes a bug where TinyTuring filtering was being applied to incoming TrackBack pings.

RightFields 1.12
[August 24, 2006]
: Released RightFields 1.12, which fixes a bug with extra File fields introduced in 1.11.

RightFields 1.11
[August 23, 2006]
Code: Released RightFields 1.11, which fixes two significant bugs.

Plugin Updates for MT 3.3
[July 12, 2006]
Code: Released new versions of several plugins for compatibility with Movable Type 3.3: RightFields, LinkEntryToFile, MainMenuRecent, UpdateEntryDate, WeblogsActionMenu.

TinyTuring 1.01
[June 5, 2006]
Code: Released TinyTuring 1.01, which fixes a bug related to disabling verification.

TinyTuring Plugin for Movable Type
[May 19, 2006]
Code: Released version 1.0 of TinyTuring, a new plugin to help prevent comment spam with a simple human-verification test.

RightFields 1.02
[February 10, 2006]
Code: Released RightFields 1.0, which was quickly followed by 1.01 and 1.02.

RightFields Plugin for Movable Type
[December 6, 2005]
Code: Released first beta version of RightFields, a new plugin application that lets you customize Movable Type's entry fields.

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