Pretty much everything on this site is driven by Movable Type, running on top of a MySQL database. The site is hosted by DreamHost.

The Movable Type templates were built with some help from several of my own plugins, plus a bunch of other people’s plugins, including SmartyPants, FormatBreaks, mt-varz, Regex, Supplemental Category Tags, and PreviousNextInCategory. MTRebuildBlogs also comes in handy.

Most code editing was done in BBEdit. Screen shots were taken with Snapz Pro X.

Fonts: The site logo is in the Powderfinger family, and the New Bergerber Man title is in the Komika family, both from Apostrophic Lab. The titles for the Texts section are in Broadsheet from The Type Quarry. The Mynope File title is in Steelfish from Larabie Fonts.


The End As I Know It: A Novel of Millennial Anxiety, by proprietor Kevin Shay, is now available in paperback.

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