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My Wild Irish Rose (1947)

The story of two chefs, one from Mexico and one from Dublin. They meet and fall in love, and over the objections of their families they combine their culinary traditions to create a new taste sensation.

Oh, wait, I’m thinking of My Wild Irish Arroz.

These are the jokes, people.

Rose Donovan (Arlene Dahl)

Rose Against the Odds (1995)
TV movie

Don’t worry, it’s not that Paul Williams.

Lionel Rose (Paul Williams)
Gina Rose (Rhonda Roberts)
Adelaide Rose (Lorraine Mafi-Williams)
Roy Rose (David Kennedy)

Rose of Washington Square (1939)

Rose Sargent (Alice Faye)

War of the Roses (1989)

Oliver Rose (Michael Douglas)
Barbara Rose (Kathleen Turner)