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DaylightOrStandard Plugin for Movable Type

Current version: 1.1 (7/12/04)

About the DaylightOrStandard Plugin

This Movable Type plugin implements a template tag for displaying text based on whether an entry's date falls within Daylight Saving Time.

Required Modules

The MTDaylightOrStandard tag uses the Time::Local module, part of the standard Perl distribution.


To install the DaylightOrStandard plugin, upload the file to the plugins directory within your Movable Type directory. If you do not already have a plugins directory, create one before uploading the file. For more information about Movable Type plugins, see the documentation.


Please use the support forums for all support requests, bug reports, feature requests, questions, and comments regarding this plugin.


This tag displays one of two values depending on whether or not the date and time of the current context fall within Daylight Saving Time for your area, as defined by the server on which you're running Movable Type.

The tag must be called from a location in a template where there's a date context—within an entry, a comment, or a calendar, or on a date-based archive template.

For instance, to add "EST" or "EDT" to your entry timestamp:

<$MTEntryDate format="%B %d, %Y %H:%M"$> <$MTDaylightOrStandard daylight="EDT" standard="EST"$>

The tag takes the following attributes:

  • daylight="dst text" (optional)
    The tag will display this text if the date and time of the current entry falls within Daylight Saving Time.
  • standard="non-dst test" (optional)
    The tag will display this text if the date and time of the current entry does not fall within Daylight Saving Time.

Note that while each attribute is optional, you'll get an error message if you don't use either one.

Version History

7/12/04 - version 1.1

  • Plugin now registers itself with MT 3 interface.
  • Added $VERSION variable.

6/19/03 - version 1.0 released (tag moved from DateTags plugin).

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