RightFields 1.21

Spam Prevention

TinyTuring 1.02

Template Tags

CheckLinks 1.2

Collect 1.2

Columnize 1.11

Compare 1.1

DateTags 2.3

DaylightOrStandard 1.1

DropCap 1.1

FilterCategories 1.1

FirstNWords 1.3

GetXML 1.1

Glue 1.1

IfModified 1.4

Loop 1.1

TextWrap 1.1

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RightFields 1.2 Released

I've released RightFields 1.2. Download it here.

You can read this entry to find out about what's new in this version, and future plans for the plugin. This forum topic has more a more detailed list of features and changes.

Many thanks to all who helped test the beta versions!

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