New Bergerber Man

Fansites From Hell: Goodbye, Ruby der Stimulant Tuesday

Case: D2000-0091


Complainant: Finter Bank Zurich

Respondent: Gianluca Olivieri

The Defense:

"Ruby der Finter" is the name of a dog personally belonging to the Respondent since 1991, as evidenced by ANNEX Z.

* The originally intended "Ruby der Stimulant" explained by the dog’s attitude to continuously provoking Respondent, Respondent’s family members and visitors by engaging himself in sudden multidirectional springs, became from the very beginning "Ruby der Finter" because of shortness and a much nicer sound.

* "Finter" is derived in this case from German word "Finte" corresponding to English substantive "feint". Although grammar inappropriate, it represents a free extension of a regular German word through frequently employed suffix "-r", typically indicating the actor of an action.

* Such a derived "Finter" represented to the owner’s free opinion a perfect description of the above-mentioned animal behavior.

* The pet is at present time hale and hearty.

* The sharp sound "FIN-ter" is usual decoy of the pet.

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