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Lost in Translation: Administrative Panel, You So Crazy

Nothing was filed by the Respondent, but the Administrative Panel seems to have gotten a little giddy on this one.

Case: D2000-1254

Domain(s): 106, all containing "Harry Potter"

Complainant: Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P.

Respondent: HarperStephens

The Defense:

This case is an interesting one from the perspective of the history of the Internet and the rumors associated with its creation. Stories have circulated that the inspiration for the Internet was the Owl Post system employed by wizards and students of wizardry in the Wizarding World. The system is often referred to as "The Way of the Wizarding World" (sometimes abbreviated in treatises of magic as "the three w's or "www"), and it is indeed the warp and woof of all wizard-to-wizard communication. In this system, a network of owls is employed to transmit information reliably and quickly. Indeed, some have claimed that the surname of the late, revered Father of ICANN, Jonathan B. Postel, is a Slavic derivation of the Romanian word for Owl Post. Thus, we approach our work in this case with especial seriousness.

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