New Bergerber Man

To Coin a Phrase: The Contrarotator Club

Case: D2001-0024


Complainant: Dyson Limited

Respondent: María del Mar Solís García

The Defense:

Respondent submits that contrarotator is an initiative whose aim is to bring people together around the idea of entertainment and recreation in an educational manner, and in no way, either now or in the future, will it be related to the industrial sector, and much less to washing machines.

...The Respondent explains that she has arrived at the name "Contrarotator" for a club as a contraction of the following ideas: reverse turn; inverse rotation; in short, going against the current, trying, in a humorous manner, to see the things around us in a different way. We also chose to give it an Anglo-Saxon touch, due to the facility of the English language to express complex ideas "in a very condensed and cacophonous manner".

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