New Bergerber Man

To Coin a Phrase: Here Of Light, There Of Light, Everywhere Of Light

Case: D2001-0292


Complainant: Imperial Chemical Industries, PLC

Respondent: "Oxford University"

The Defense:

…I am aware of Dulux Paints and I was extremely pleased with their product when in the UK in the sixties I used their brightly coloured paint to liven up an otherwise drab looking Ford Thames van…

…"Du" means "Of" in French, and "Lux" means light in French, If I am not mistaken – and that is the manner in which I intend to use it…"Of Light"…but it seems "Paint it Black" is more the current Dulux management motto…

...This Letter will appear on MY site shortly. And I suggest you change your Bullying attitude mister…"

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