New Bergerber Man

Can’t Wait for the IPO: Every Man Needs His Zip Name

Case: D2001-0623


Complainant: Telstra Corporation Limited

Respondent: 11/Shinpyo Kang

The Defense:

"...IMT2000 technology, service and producs is boomed in my country.

I want supplying others informations(contents) through imt2000technology, networking to my clients and I needs my internet zip name.

But I didnít deal with imt2000 products in association with telstra and telstra products.

swear my god, I didnít registered beside your trade to confuse and imfinge your right.

But Iím registered my domain imt2000telstra that imt2000telephone using imt20000technology plus strada which means "a way" by english.

thanks for your recognition of TELSTRA.

Using my domain imt2000tel, I swear did not impringe your telstra"

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