New Bergerber Man

Can’t Wait for the IPO: Keeping Up With the Ebbays

Case: D2001-1117


Complainant: Pesola Praezisionswaagen AG

Respondent:, LLC

The Defense:

We are trying to run an Internet business based on family domain names such as <>, <>, <>, <> and others. In the process, we are getting caught with trademarks issues by companies who will not take "no" for an answer. Our network cannot be built without the budget to do so, and this may take some time. The more we spend on litigation, the less we have to invest in our future business, and longer it will take to create our network.

Also one would think that <> and <> were only purchased because they are typo names of famous sites, they were bought because they are family names in an automatic process. We bought our family-based domain names from lists of family names. Overall we bought over 1,600 family based domain names. Most of them are not popular names since all the good and popular names were gone

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