New Bergerber Man

Lost in Translation: The Cat-Rainbow-Sympathy Parade

Case: D2002-0083


Complainant: Federated Western Properties, Inc.

Respondent: Mr. Faton Brezica aka "Its Me Haraqi" and "Its Me Pr"

The Defense:

I purchased the disputed domain name with plans to establish a meeting website for Albanian youth. I have been working on this project for some time now, and am very qualified to pursue such a project. My experiences in lecturing the U.S. government and foreign officials on Albanian culture establishes that I have the necessary skills and relationships to create such a website and make it successful.

The reason I chose the domain name "" was because mac translates into the word cat, or small cat, in the Albanian language. The Y and S are initials for two other Albanian words; Y for (Ylberi) which means rainbow and S for (simpatia) which means sympathy. Together, the phrase symbolizes a lost cat finding hope at the end of the rainbow. Here, the lost cat is the Albanian immigrant looking for family and friends in the U.S. When I decided to use the disputed domain name, it was solely for establishing a non-profit website for Albanian youth, which will provide them access to other Albanians to share problems and provide assistance to one another.

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