New Bergerber Man

Unconvent. Abbrevs.: Walter Martin Sperm Bank

Case: D2002-0966


Complainant: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Respondent: Excel Stock Exchange

The Defense:

He states that two associates of [him], Mr Clive Walter, an energy consultant and Mr Peter Martin, an engineer, should quite legitimately be able to trade as "Wal(ter)-Mart(in) Associates, "Walmart Associates" or even "Wal-Martbank", or "Walmartbank", if they decided to open a website that was a financial bank, a recycling bank, a charitable or foundation bank or even a bloodbank or spermbank.

...The names are not confusingly similar. Either the Complainant is a bank or it aint ! And it certainly wasn’t three years ago. No way no how. And when I go down the High Street I NEVER walk into my bank to buy tinned food and neither do I conduct foreign exchange at the supermarket. They are not confusingly similar to any sane man.

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