New Bergerber Man

Fansites From Hell: Thinking of Lynne

Case: D2002-1133


Complainant: Lynne Russell

Respondent: Kenneth Young

The Defense:

After the Complainant made contact with the Respondent, the website at the disputed domain name was changed. There is no information on the website other than a poem which reads as follows:

"Another year
Another start
Where is the wisdom
Where is the heart
Dreaming days
And sleepless nights
Thinking of Lynne
Touching the heights"

...The Respondentís entire basis for claiming a legitimate interest in the disputed domain name is as follows (quoted directly from the Response):

"I registered the domain name simply because in my younger days I was very friendly with a girl named Lynne Russell with whom I have now lost touch. I wanted to put up a simple website that included a poem that I had once written for her and hoped that she might one day stumble upon the site and might get back in touch with me by looking up the WhoIs for the domain or at the very least smile and think of me kindly as she read the poem.

In the event that my old friend does get in touch it would be my intention to transfer the site to her for her own personal use...."

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