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Fansites From Hell: And That Man’s Name Was Coca-Cola McDonald

William Lawsons, for those of you who do not keep track of such things (and by "keep track" I mean "consume unhealthy quantities"), is a blended Scotch whiskey.

Case: D2003-0175


Complainant: John Dewar & Sons Limited

Respondent: Roni Abou Jaoude and CRM Consulting

The Defense:

His explanation of what led him to select <> as the chosen domain name is a surprising story. As he recounts the tale, it turns on his good fortune following service at the age of 16 in the Lebanese army at war with Syria, when his home and village were destroyed and many of his family killed. A member of a United Nations unit stationed in Lebanon facilitated his flight to Cyprus by boat in October†1990. The manís name was William Lawson.

Mr. Abou-Jaoude within a week moved to Romania and later to the United States of America. He credited Lawson with his escape from the war, never forgot his kindness, named one of his children William, and some ten years after his escape to Cyprus, selected as a domain name <>.

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