New Bergerber Man

Fansites From Hell: The Best Little Rolls Royce in Costa Rica

Case: D2003-0270


Complainant: Rolls-Royce plc

Respondent: Internet Billions Domains, Inc.

The Defense:

Mr. Levy of the Respondent claims to have bought a Rolls-Royce in 1982. The Respondent claims Mr. Levy felt he had the number one Rolls-Royce on the planet and thus wanted the vanity plates "1RR."

The Respondent states Mr. Levy felt so proud of his Rolls Royce that he placed photos of it on a website at <> and <>. The Respondent says it registered both names so someone else could not create confusion with another car perhaps licensed as RR1. The Respondent could then direct fellow enthusiasts to these domain names to the vehicle by that name.

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