New Bergerber Man

Acronyms: I Love Real Estate Options

Case: D2003-0291


Complainant: Revlon Consumer Products Corporation

Respondent: Brandy Farris

The Defense:

Respondent states that the "Revlon" in her domain names stands for "REAL ESTATE VERY LOW OPTIONS NOW!", which is a slogan she uses for her real estate business. Respondent also states that she did not get these domain names to hurt Revlon Corporation or to sell cosmetics.

...On August 25, 2001, Complainant received an email from Respondent as follows:

"Dear Mr. O’Shea,

I would be happy to sell these two domain names to Revlon for $10,000.00. Please see if Revlon would allow me to fly up to New York to pick up my check.

I would love to see the Christmas Tree lighting.

I would also like to tell you how much I love Revlon Makeup and everything you do in the business. You all are very first class.

Please let me know what you think and if possible ask them if I can do a Revlon commercial. That would be so exciting.

Have a great day Mr. O’Shea."

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