New Bergerber Man

Acronyms: Just a Humble Organization

Case: D2003-0507


Complainant: Honda Motor Company Limited

Respondent: LOKITA Enterprises

The Defense:

Respondent states that he has registered the domain name at issue for his future use. Respondent is planning to go back to India permanently in the year 2005, and start a non-profit charity organization with the sole purpose of helping the poor and neglected kids who are the future citizens of modern India by providing them with food, shelter and good education. Respondentís plans are to extend the charity work for helping battered women, helping the poor and neglected senior citizens, open hospitals for poor people etc.

According to the Respondent, the word "honda" in the domain name <hondaindia> stands for:

h- Humble

o- Organization for helping

n- Neglected kids and

d- Develop their

a- Abilities

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