Modern Street Ballads


You bonny pretty English Girls—
Your Mammas I am going to harrass,
What a lark I lately have had,
Among the young bucks of Paris.
A son and daughter I shall have,
As fine as ever were seen-y,
The boy shall Napoleon be called,
And the little girl named Eugenie.

I’ve been to France to learn to dance,
With Frenchmen we were mingling,
Now Vic and Albert have returned
Once more to bonny England.

From Osborne boldly we set sail,
Our hearts did beat in motion,
The wind it blew a pleasant gale,
And glorious looked the ocean.
And when we landed at Boulogne,
Napoleon loud did roar, there,
Three times he kiss’d me on the cheek,
Then sang “God bless Victoria.”

The guns did fire, the bells did ring,
The cannon balls did rattle,
Young men and maids did sweetly sing,
Then the soldiers had a battle.
The snips and snobs, so help my bobs,
Were mounted on French ponies,
Me and Albert had a fracasee,
Then a stumping Macaroni.

There were blazing lights all through the night,
The doors broke off their hinges,
When all the pretty maiden’s knees
Were covered over with fringes.
The men had all got hairy lips,
Then whistled sweet marblue, Sirs,
They cheered me gaily all the way,
Then halloed Parley Vous, Sirs.

The Frenchmen used me very well,
And shewed me sights and wonders
My Albert, he was frightened, and,
Eugenie’s bed crept under;
I thought with her he was in love,
I thought he did adore her,
I thought that he had run away,
And left his own Victoria.

Well, now we’ve had a grand flare up,
The like was not seen never,
The kind French folk did laugh and joke,
With “Anglais for ever.”
The sights I’ve seen, believe your Queen,
So sweetly did delight her,
She went to France to learn to dance,
And Bull must pay the piper.

* August 18, 1855.

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