Modern Street Ballads


I’ve been a wild rover these seven long years,
I’ve spent all my money in ale and strong beers,
But the time has come my boys, to take better care,
Unless poverty happens to fall to my share.

So therefore I’ll lay up my money in store,
And I never will play the wild rover any more;
Wild rover, wild rover, wild rover, any more,
And then I will play the wild rover no more.

I went to an ale house where I used to resort,
I began for to tell them my money got short,
I asked them to trust me, but their answer was nay,
Such customers as you we have every day.

Then my hands from my pockets I pulled out straightaway,
Pulled a handful of gold out to hear what they’d say,
O! here’s ale, wine, and brandy, here’s enough of the best,
It was only to try you, I was but in jest.

Begone you proud landlord, I bid you adieu,
For the devil of one penny will I spend with you;
For the money I’ve got boys, I’ll take better care,
And I never will pay the wild rover any more.

So now I’ll go home to my sweet loving wife,
In hopes to live happy all the days of my life;
From rambling and roving, I’ll take better care,
Unless poverty happens to fall to my share.

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