Modern Street Ballads


Rouse ye lovers of peace and order,
      Of true freedom, with honour united,
Rally round the old banner of union,
      And its glory shall never be blighted.
We have bold hearts in British dominions,
      Who dare all a freeman should dare,
But the Throne and the Queen be our watchword,
      And let traitors and foemen beware.
                  Viva Victoria! Viva Victoria!
            Strength to the throne! health to the Queen!
                  Viva Victoria!

We’ll have peace, but it must be with honour,
      We have no need of new names in story,
But if war sounds the tocsin, then Britain,
      Still has heroes enough for her glory.
Shame the Brawlers, who trade in sedition,
      Misleaders, who traffic in lies,
And beware, lest those self-seeking martyrs,
      Would-be-lions, prove wolves in disguise.
                  Viva Victoria! etc.

By the head, or the hand, if it toileth,
      May the honest man live by his labour,
But the drone who can work and won’t work,
      Shall not rest on the strength of his neighbour.
To the Throne, as the safeguard of freedom,
      By our birthright allegiance we swear,
For the Queen is the Monarch of Freedom,
      To the King of all be our prayer.
                  Viva Victoria! etc.

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