Modern Street Ballads


Here’s bad luck to you, Mr. Justice Paley,
And also to you, Gentlemen of the Jury,
For seven years, you’ve sent me from my true love,
Seven years, I’m transported, you know.

To go to a strange country don’t grieve me,
Nor leaving old England behind,
It is all for the sake of my Polly,
And leaving my parents behind.

There’s the Captain that is our commander,
The Boatswain, and all the ship’s Crew,
There is married men, too, and there’s single,
Who knows what we transports do.

Dear Polly, I’m going to leave you
For seven long years, love, and more,
But that time will appear but a moment,
When return’d to the girl I adore.

If ever I return from the Ocean,
Stores of riches I’ll bring for my dear,
It’s all for the sake of my Polly,
I’ll cross the salt seas for my dear.

How hard is the place of confinement,
That keeps me from my heart’s delight,
Cold chains and irons surround me,
And a plank for my pillow at night.

How often I wish that the eagle
Would lend me her wings, I would fly,
Then I’d fly to the arms of my Polly,
And on her soft bosom, I’d lie.

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