Modern Street Ballads


Let us sing this aloud to the joy shouting crowd,
That once were going to arm;
Let all parties rejoice, and sing with one voice,
And join in the Happy Reform.

My name is John Bull, and with joy I am full,
I have something to say that will charm;
Come, Sandy, along, and with Pat join my song,
Let us sing of the Happy Reform.

Brother Pat, you and Sandy, I know are quite handy,
To assist your John Bull in a storm:
Brothers Sandy and Paddy, you’ll now be as ready
To join me and sing the Reform.

But a few years ago, we durst not sing so,
Such a song, then, was counted a harm;
But now we may sing, O, long live our King,
Who has joined in the Happy Reform.

But this I must shew, for some do not know,
It is proper I should them inform,
So I will explain to them in my strain,
What’s meant by the present Reform.

O, it is to ease, and the people to please,
And to keep them from raising a storm:
’Tis that all Ten pound Renters may choose Parliamenters,
To give us the happy Reform.

This sure they will do, as their hearts will be true,
When bribery can do us no harm;
They will shew with true spirit what the Corn Bill does merit,
And turn it to Happy Reform.

Rotten Boroughs all now ‘a tottering must fall,
And the Corn Bill, the great eating worm;
And the bull must be fell’d, and the despots expell’d,
To give way to the Happy Reform.

Oppressions hard grip will soon get the slip,
Which a long time has done us much harm:
O, then we will rise from the taxes and tithes,
To enjoy all the Happy Reform.

This to all will soon give, a good way to live,
And the farmer will have a cheap farm;
Then the rents will come down in the country and town,
By the brave and the Happy Reform.

This will happiness bring to the subject and king,
And save all from dreadful alarm—
Which once gave a peep—but now is asleep
In the bosom of Happy Reform.

Our king in the fray, the Sceptre did sway,
And our foes did completely disarm;
Wellington and great Peel to the left he did wheel,
For joining us not in Happy Reform.

Grey, Russell, and Brougham, our thanks we give to them,
For fighting for us in the storm;
Round them and our king, we will dance in a ring,
And sing—Success to the Happy Reform.

Reformation of Laws we will hail with applause,
With a hearty grand welcome so warm;
And with Heaven to save King William the Brave,
For joining us all in Reform.

We now need not fear, while the helm he does steer,
With a heart for our welfare so warm;
For his colours now fast he has nail’d to the mast,
And is bound for the Happy Reform.

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