Modern Street Ballads


March! march! Comrades in Freedom now,
On let us march to the music of Order!
Arms we have none—for no one can need ’em now—
Peace is the word from John Groat’s to the Border.

Long have we wearied, and waited to see it,
Now it is come—with its blessing and pride;
In the hearts of our Sons unforgotten shallbe it,
The King and the Country are both on our side.
Our banners are glancing—our section advancing,
The pipe and the trumpet are pealing above,
Shout with the voice of men—yet once again! again!
The Cause—and the King that a People can love.
                  March! March! etc.

A cheer for the Queen too, and one—be it seen to—
For Sussex, who ne’er was to Freedom untrue;
Shout away-shout away! ’tis for Russell and Grey,
And Lord Harry—and all of our Admiral’s crew!
We vow to stand by them—their foes we defy them—
For, honestly—firmly—they’ve weathered the storm;
And these were their watch words, as they’ll be our catch words,
The cause of the People, the King, and Reform!
                  March! March! etc.

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