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Category: Months and Seasons

Last Days of May (1998)

Let me guess: it’s not a comedy.

May (Dahlia Mindlin)

May and June (1997)
TV series

Nice base-covering by the creators of this UK sitcom. If one of the actresses quits, they can just toss in an April and they’ve still got a show.

May Thrace (Phoebe Nicholls)
June Symonds (Christine Kavanagh)

Pieces of April (2003)

I wasn’t sure whether this phrase actually had a usage relating to the month of April, but it turns out it’s a Three Dog Night song that cracked the top 20 in 1973. Judging from the trailer, I fear this mordant indie comedy will deliver little if any of the dismemberment its title promises.

April Burns (Katie Holmes)

Turning April (1996)

April (Tushka Bergen)

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