New Bergerber Man

That’s My Name, Too

What could be more legitimate than acquiring a domain name that’s the same as your very own name? (Or your uncle’s, or your fiancée’s.) And if you happen to be named after a soccer arena, so much the better.

But My Friends Call Me Oxford University.
Case D2000-0308: The University of Oxford vs. DR Seagle

Bob, Have You Met Oxford University?
Case D2000-1233: Wembley National Stadium Limited vs. Bob Thomson [aka]

Oakley’s Your Uncle
Case D2000-1658: Oakley, Inc. vs. Kenneth Watson

Dude, You’re Gettin’ This Guy
Case D2001-0361: Dell Computer Corporation vs. Logo Excellence

Hugs and Kisses for Ramy
Case D2001-1026: E. Remy Martin & Cie vs. Ramy Fahel

Be Prepared, SUGUS
Case D2001-1191: Kraft Foods North America Inc. vs. The Pez Kiosk

Vishnu Prasad Miba
Case D2001-1399: Miba Gleitlager Aktiengesellschaft vs. Vishnu Prasad Miba

My New Girlfriend Is Prada Fendi Smith
Case D2002-0721: Chanel Inc. vs. Mr. D. P. Bontempo

He’ll Always Be Oxford University To Me
Case D2003-0250: Westpac Banking Corporation vs. Sir Oxford University aka David Seagle Doc Seagle and Mr Oxford University

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