New Bergerber Man


The Respondents in this category take the cake for sheer brazen inventiveness. If all the organizations, companies, and products claimed in the cases below actually existed, the world would be a much better place.

It Sure Does Sound Non-Lucrative
Case D2000-0478: Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. vs. Avi Chekroun

My Mother the Kind-to-the-Environment Car
Case 2000-0499: Inter-IKEA Systems B. V. vs. McLaughlin Mobility

You Can’t Teach a Sea Dog New Slalom Tricks
Case D2000-0757: Nabor B.V., Stanhome S.P.A. vs. Organization Francisco Vicente

How Convenience-Based
Case D2000-1064: CBS Broadcasting Inc. vs. Rossi Hassad

And the Ho Tels Everybody
Case D2000-0959: CDL Hotels International Ltd. vs. Kannet Limited

Who’d Ever Need More Than One Technic of Visual?
Case D2000-1114: Viacom International Inc. vs. Sung Wook Choi and M Production

He Never Reveals His Damage Eliminable Secrets
Case D2000-1434: SMS Demag AG vs. Seung Gon, Kim

The Theosophical Teen Titans
Case D2000-1824: Tata Tea Limited vs. Aniruddha Roy

Xavier Ignacio Garcia Garcia Sama Kama Wacky Brown
Case D2001-1086: Eli Lilly and Company vs. Xigris Internet Services

Sino Edward, Hear No Edward
Case D2001-1092: SembCorp Industries Limited vs. Hu Huan Xin

People Call Me Forrestry Information Gump
Case DTV2001-0031: FIFA vs. Andy Muffy

Nude Dyslexics Sex Chat
Case D2002-0128: The National Deaf Children’s Society vs. "Nude Dames, Chat, Sex"

Diabetes Education Long Life Customer?
Case D2002-0363: Dell Computer Corporation vs. MTO C.A. and Diabetes Education Long Life

Guilt By Association
Case D2002-0718: ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd vs. Yvonne Bienen, Bienen Enterprises

You Don’t Assay!
Case D2002-0770: The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. vs. Hamid Reza Mohammad Pouran

Is There a Neuro-Gynecologue In The House?
Case D2002-0760: Société Générale and Fimat International Banque vs. Lebanon Index/La France DN and Elie Khouri

Frankly, the Queens Seem Like an Afterthought
Case D2002-1125: The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. vs. Shawn Cain d/b/a Star Inc.

He’s Manufacturing Something, All Right
Case D2003-0102: MFI UK Limited and MFI Furniture Group plc vs. Mr. Raymond Jones

I Love Real Estate Options
Case D2003-0291: Revlon Consumer Products Corporation vs. Brandy Farris

Just a Humble Organization
Case D2003-0507: Honda Motor Company Limited vs. LOKITA Enterprises

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