New Bergerber Man

Fansites From Hell

This is the “But I just wanted to set up a little site to pay tribute to my car/pet/old flame/wartime benefactor!” category.

Goodbye, Ruby der Stimulant Tuesday
Case D2000-0091: Finter Bank Zurich vs. Gianluca Olivieri

Honda, You’re My Hero
Case D2000-0365: Hero Honda Motors Limited vs. Mr. Rao Tella

Jeff “Gandhi” Pfizer
Case D2000-0782: Pfizer Inc. vs. Deep Soni and Ashok Soni

Here, Xanax Xanax Xanax
Case D2000-0817: Pharmacia & Upjohn Company vs. "xanax advocates"

There’s Also a Dam on Berry Hill
Case D2001-1362: Damon Hill Grand Prix Limited vs. The New Group

Heel, Marsteller!
Case D2002-1012: Burson-Marsteller, LLC vs. Dexter Smith

Thinking of Lynne
Case D2002-1133: Lynne Russell vs. Kenneth Young

And That Man’s Name Was Coca-Cola McDonald
Case D2003-0175: John Dewar & Sons Limited vs. Roni Abou Jaoude and CRM Consulting

The Best Little Rolls Royce in Costa Rica
Case D2003-0270: Rolls-Royce plc vs. Internet Billions Domains, Inc.

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