New Bergerber Man

Can’t Wait for the IPO

Think you’ve come across some bad Internet business models in your day? Wait until you see these.

New Bergerber Man
Case D2000-0323: Neuberger Berman Inc. vs. Alfred Jacobsen

The Lovely Ona Sholt
Case D2000-0392: Askonas Holt Ltd vs. Webocracy Inc

Because “” Is Much Too Long
Case D2000-0747: Television Française 1 vs. "The Fork 1"

Your Creme Egg’s In My DXF File!
Case D2000-0897: Cadbury Limited vs. Keith Gregory

Trash Opportunity Knocks
Case D2000-1672: Telstra Corporation Limited vs. Heaydon Enterprises

Apparently Was Taken
Case D2001-0104: Dunkin’ Donuts Incorporated and Dunkin’ Donuts USA, Inc. vs. RandomThinkers and Patrick Huba

I Buy My Wine From Booz
Case D2001-0243: Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc. vs. Servability Ltd

Norfstrom the Elf
Case D2001-0418: Nordstrom, Inc. and NIHC, Inc. vs. Hatching Ideas, LLC

Visions of the Euro
Case D2001-0468: European Broadcasting Union vs. EasySkies BV

How Not To Raise Money
Case D2001-0576: Enbridge Inc. vs. Youngchul (Michael) Chang and IG Communication Inc.

Every Man Needs His Zip Name
Case D2001-0623: Telstra Corporation Limited vs. 11/Shinpyo Kang

Keeping Up With the Ebbays
Case D2001-1117: Pesola Praezisionswaagen AG vs., LLC

Eat At Sunys
Case D2002-0968: SuNyx Surface Nanotechnologies GmbH vs. Primmer, Phil

Would You Like CoffeeSun With That?
Case D2002-1084: Media West-DSP, Inc., The Desert Sun Publishing Company vs. HostWebUSA

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