New Bergerber Man

To Coin a Phrase

You know you’re in trouble when you have to resort to using made-up words and phrases to explain your made-up interest in a domain name.

Are You Lonesome, Gate, Tonight?
Case D2000-0889: LG Chemical Ltd. vs. ChangHwan, OH

Let’s Hit the Mensa for Bratwurst
Case D2000-1030: American Mensa, Ltd. vs. Millennium Energy Niche Studies Associative

The Contrarotator Club
Case D2001-0024: Dyson Limited vs. María del Mar Solís García

Three Little Words You Long to Hear
Case D2001-0180: plc. vs. JKC Information Technology Limited

Here Of Light, There Of Light, Everywhere Of Light
Case D2001-0292: Imperial Chemical Industries, PLC vs. "Oxford University"

Shopping Ka Fun in All the Wrong Places
Case D2001-0867: AB SKF and SKF Beaings India Limited vs. Vikas Pagaria

Herbatel! The Herb-meister!
Case D2001-1419: Herbalife International, Inc. vs. Sergey Podyakov "(aka herbatel)"

Case D2002-1168:, Inc. vs. Oluseyi Ikhizamah

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