New Bergerber Man

Unconvent. Abbrevs.

Unable even to come up with a ridiculous acronym, each of these Respondents has cobbled together a domain name from fragments of bizarrely abbreviated words.

Dinosaur Junior
Case 2000-0098: Christian Dior Couture SA vs. Liage International Inc.

Case D2000-0471: Reuters Limited, England vs. Teletrust IPR Ltd., Switzerland

You Cannot Simultaneously Prevent and Prepare For Robots
Case D2000-1783: Robein Leven N.V. vs. Internet Service Dokkum

Trend Schi, See?
Case D2001-0079: Tchibo Frisch-Röst-Kaffee GmbH vs. Hans Reischl

When I Think Parma, I Think Nursing Homes
Case D2001-0734: Cassa di Risparmio di Parma e Piacenza S.p.A. vs. GFA Garavaglia Fragetta, Angelo

The Weird World of Nettie Atteberry
Case D2001-1160: AT&T Corp. vs. W.N.A., a/k/a "Worldwide Network of Attornies" Farouk al Khalifa a/k/a Jaye Rayes and "World of Nettie Atteberry"

The Existence of Abbey
Case D2001-1230: EMI Records Limited vs. Complete Axxcess

Putting Joseph Estrada to the Test
Case D2002-0162: Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. vs. Taeho Kim and Philippine Inc.

Flubber Said What?
Case D2002-0337: Flügger A/S vs. Pierre-Yves Gautschi

Case D2002-0606: AT&T Corp. vs. May Halabi and All Time Talk Cellular

Walter Martin Sperm Bank
Case D2002-0966: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. vs. Excel Stock Exchange

Network and Technical West
Case D2002-0998: National Westminster Bank plc vs. Faisal Ilyas

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